2004 – BiCon 2004

Back to Manchester for 2004. The accommodation was in slightly different blocks than in 2000 and some of the session rooms were switched at the last minute because of recently polishing some floors.

The closing plenary featured the four organisers, Gina, Jen, Matt and Natalya, in their pyjamas under a duvet pretending to be asleep. Somewhat less amusingly, despite the lessons of BiCon 2003 it also included the decision-making plenary bits again, and there were several arguments about the Guidelines.

Archive materials

A composite version of the website, originally hosted at bicon2004.org.uk, is at 2004.bicon.org.uk.

The main thing that's missing is some of the promotional banners and the original image of the legendary and oft-reprinted 'BiSpotting' postcard.

The BiCon 2004 LiveJournal is still available.

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