For organisers

This section has information for people running, or thinking of running, a BiCon. If you just want to find out about future BiCons, we suggest you go back to the BiCon home page.

You cannot fully appreciate the bisexual community – its good points and its bad – until you have been on a BiCon team.

If you do, you'll be expected to follow the Guidelines (or to have said in advance that you're not…) You may also find the suggestions of Ian and Marcus helpful.

Free use of domains

Bicon organisers are welcome to use sub-domains of (for example to publicise their event. We are happy either to host the site on our server or just point the relevant address to somewhere else. Hosting the site here means you can concentrate on the content because we look after all of the techie side for you and also means you can take advantage of our email server.

External links

The closed LiveJournal Dreamwidth BiCon Organisers community has a host of experience, some of which may well end up here.