For venues

BiCon is a long-running event with an unrivalled record of good behaviour. Despite being able to generate impressive spends at the bar, we are not aware of a single fight ever happening, for example. We've been shifted at very short notice to other accommodation because of damage caused by other events, but we've not caused any ourselves.

Some groups are a nightmare, but you guys are like heaven
– Ben, the late night porter at one recent venue

Although it is an event based on sexuality, it is not a 'public sex event' and the Code of Conduct includes things such as attendees being dressed in public space. Similarly, the organisers insist that the necessary consent for any display of behaviour includes the consent of others in the space.

We do get a significant number of attendees with physical and other disabilities, and any year's organisers will be delighted to work with you to improve your venue's access for them.