2002 – BiCon 2002

Paul volunteered to run BiCon 2002 at BiCon 2000, but after finding a venue during 2001, everything went very quiet for several months. In January, he announced he was stepping down as the organiser because of personal issues, and Rowan, Ian and Sandy took over.

A combination of the late start for them to organise it and the financial loss made by BiCon 2001 meant that it was done as a 'no frills' event. Despite that, several new things came out of it, including the Cake Awards and Latimer.

Despite the worries of the organisers, the weather was lovely…

Archive materials

The website, originally hosted at www.2002.bicon.org.uk, is now (fx: drumroll) at 2002.bicon.org.uk again! (Although the www.2002.etc address still works.)

The BiCon 2002 LiveJournal is also still available.

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