1999 – BiCon 1999

Bicon 1999 was held at Edinburgh University's Pollock Halls on the 16th-18th July 1999. 201 people attended.

Although several people were credited as running it in the programme, almost all of the work was done by Rowan Alison, a unique achievement.

A combination of the 'long before', 'before', and 'after' versions of the website is at 1999.bicon.org.uk. It doesn't mention that the four small session rooms were named after the Teletubbies. Badges with individual Teletubbies were used to sort people into random groups for the first introductory session.

The BAG mentioned in the organiser's report was the 'Bisexual Advisory Group', made up of some of the organisers of the previous few (three?) BiCons. It was soon replaced by the biconorganisers community on LiveJournal.

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