1998 – BiCon 98

BiCon 98, the sixteenth BiCon, was held at New Hall, Cambridge (now Murray Edwards College) on the 4th-6th September 1998. It was organised by Dianne, Sîon, Nick, Jon & Diana.

As New Hall was a difficult venue to budget for, being relatively expensive and with four different sorts of room, at first the organisers wanted to do away with the sliding scale. A major row erupted in emails, including a 'Can pay, won't pay' campaign. Shaken by the response, the organisers withdrew the original prices and replaced them with a five level sliding scale, but also made it clear how upset they had been by the argument.

On the plus side, no other organising team has made the same mistake and it was a very good event. It was also the first venue (and one of very few) to feature double beds in some rooms.

Its website is now at 1998.bicon.org.uk.

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