1992 – Tenth UK Bisexual Conference / BiCon 10

BiCon 10 was held at the University of East Anglia, on the 26th-30th August 1992. It was organised by the editors of the Bifrost magazine, Rowan Alison and Giles. Around 200 people attended, including a journalist from The Guardian newspaper who wrote an article about it…

It was held in the Students Union, which was available 24 hours a day. This meant it was possible to have crash space in the venue itself! There were three rooms: mixed gender, men's, and women's. At the very end of the event, a couple of people complained about who had been allowed to use the latter.

This led directly to a discussion at the next BiCon which established that BiCon should accept transgender people as being of their chosen gender. It's been that way ever since… and probably before.

The other controversy was the choice of the evening entertainment which included two comedians. One was community member Neil Hudson; the other was Bob Boyton, described by one site as a "well known figure in Camden's labour and trades union movement in the 1970's". As you can imagine, his set was very left wing, and not everyone appreciated that.

Archive materials

Announcement and booking form – Jan 1992

A friend of the organisers, the late and much missed Kay Dekker, made the following post to the soc.bi newsgroup:

                The Tenth UK Bisexual Conference

The 1992 UK Bisexual Conference will be held in Norwich, UK, from

To raise advance funds we are asking that you register early in
support of the conference.  If you register before MARCH 15th you
will pay at a reduced rate (about 20% under the full price).

Early registration fees are on a sliding scale.  Non-UK registerers
should note that the figures are given in UK pounds.

For all three days:                        Fee
Unwaged/income under #5000 p.a.             #10
Income between #5000 and #10000 p.a.        #12
For each #1000 over #10000 pa           add #1.20

eg Income #12000 p.a. : pay #14.40 (#12 + 2*#1.20)

Full registration fees will be #12 unwaged/low income; #15 mid-
income, and #1.50/further #1000.

Daily registration will be at half the applicable 3-day rate per day.

Cheques and POs should be made payable to BICON.

Non-UK registerers should pay (in decreasing order of preference) in

                Sterling Cheques drawn on a UK bank
                International Money orders
                Your local currency notes (Not cheques, please;
                    they incur hefty conversion charges)
                or, if all that's too much hassle, pay at the door and
                    tell us where you're from: we'll be so glad to see
                    you, we'll probably let you in cheap!

Please complete this form, and send it (along with your registration
fee) to

                Conference Registrations
                PO BOX xxx
                Norwich, UK NR1 2SU

Please enclose an SAE, so that we can confirm your booking and send you
further details.

                                Kay Dekker
                                pp the Conference Committee

--------------------------------cut here--------------------------------

                        TENTH UK BISEXUAL CONFERENCE
                        SUPPORTING REGISTRATION FORM


Name            |                                        |
                |                                        |
                |                                        |

Address         |                                        |
                |                                        |
                |                                        |
                |                                        |
                |                                        |
                |                                        |
                |                                        |

Days Attending                           Amount paid        |       |
FRI  SAT  SUN                                               |       |
[ ]  [ ]  [ ]

If you OBJECT to your name and address being held on computer please
put a cross in this box [ ].  The information will in any case be used
only by the organisers of this and the next UK Bi Conference.

Please tick if you require any of the following:

[ ]        Sign language interpretation (BSL)

[ ]        Conference documents in Braille / on cassette tape

[ ]        Use of the creche -  please give us the names and ages of any
        children that you will be bringing with you

[ ]        Crash accommodation.  Please come prepared to sleep on a
        carpeted floor

Please tell us if you have any other special needs / dietary requirements:

                |                                        |
                |                                        |

Would you like to run a workshop?  If so, please give a working title for it.

                |                                        |
                |                                        |

Can you help the conference by volunteering time and experience with the
following?  Please tick any that apply:

[ ]        First Aid
[ ]        Interpreting BSL
[ ]        Counselling
[ ]        Working in the Creche
[ ]        Running messages, etc.

Signed        |                        |        Date        |                |
              |                        |                    |                |

Please ENCLOSE an SAE with this form so that we can confirm your
booking and send you further details.

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