1987 – 5th National Bisexual Conference

Back to Edinburgh's Pleasance for the 5th BiCon in October 1987, days after The Great Storm of 1987 affected a lot of people's travel arrangements.

An announcement of the conference in Square Peg 17, published some time after June 1987:


"WE'RE NOT PLAYING AT OUR SEXUALITY; we can't trim it neatly to conform to heterosexual or homosexual stereotype and nor do we want to."

The 5th National Conference on Bisexuality offers bisexuals and their allies a weekend of discussion; support and fun; and promises workshops on such subjects as safe sex; positive pornography; heterosexuality, power and privilege; lesbian and gay attitudes to bisexuals; and SM. The women in the organising group welcome feminist transsexuals to women-only workshops. The conference is to be held at 60, The Pleasance, Edinburgh on October 16 to 18. For further information phone the Bisexual Phoneline (031-557 3620) on Thursdays 7:30-9:30pm, or write to: Edinburgh Bisexual Group, 58a Broughton Street, Edinburgh EH1 3SA.

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