1986 – 4th National Bisexual Conference

The "4th National Bisexual Conference" was held in London at the Mary Ward Centre in July 1986.

The venue is a few metres away from the home of British Monomarks who supply the permanent BM BiCon mailing address (and who formerly had BM Bi address of the London Bisexual Group).

The Saturday evening entertainment was a disco held at a club called Merlin's Cave.

One thought on “1986 – 4th National Bisexual Conference”

  1. My memories of this one include the first session I went to, 'co-operative games', which included crossing the room without touching the floor – this involved bouncing across the room with twelve people clutching each other on three chairs. Another session was on romance (where I was the only visibly male person) and there was one on relationships with men which took about half its slot before anyone mentioned the word 'brother'.

    I can also remember playing with a ball in the largest room with other people while we were waiting for something or other. A very relaxed event overall, and it was lovely to see one of the organisers of this one start coming to BiCon again a few years ago.

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