History of bicon.org.uk

bicon.org.uk was registered by Jon Harley the day after BiCon 98. He had previously been one of the organisers of BiCon 13 in 1995, the first BiCon to have a web page.

Although it hosted the websites of BiCon 2001 and BiCon 2002 as subdomains, the bicon.org.uk website was always independent of any particular year's BiCon and did not necessarily represent the views of any of their organisers.

The second generation of the site between 2002 and 2009 was by Paul Crowley, before Jon took over again.

In 2012, control over bicon.org.uk passed to BiCon Continuity Ltd,* and since 2015, individual events have restarted using it for their websites. Their independence remains as does another slogan from the 'old' bicon.org.uk site:

"No guarantee is made as to the accuracy of any information on this site, but we do try to keep it right!"

* Although the registrant's name for the bicon.org.uk domain name remains Jon's, he no longer has any responsibility for its content. As and when Nominet, the people in charge of .uk domains, allow free changes to registrant names, it will be changed to reflect the current reality.